LQS Reader
(Labi Quant Systems)

The LQS reader - is a system for invitro diagnostic, chemical-toxicological and biochemical researches.

The LQS reader - is a very sensitive and at the same time reliable and cost-effective system for reading test results. This flexible and reliable system, developed on the concept of "ready to use", allows users to easily perform analysis. The study conducted in biological fluids can be obtained: quantitative, semi-quantitative or visual method of evaluation of the result, using immunochromatographic or chemical-biological tests (test cassette), evaluated using a The LQS reader.

The LQS reader provides the possibility of quantitative, semi-quantitative detection of study markers in samples of biological fluids using calibration curves, using reagents diagnostic - immunochromatographic or chemical - biochemical tests for the evaluation of LQS-R, namely:

  • antibiotics and toxins, in food and sanitary epidemiological studies: quantitative, semi-quantitative determination using test systems and the LQS-reader.

  • narcotic, psychotropic substances and their metabolites, nicotine, alcohol;

  • fertility markers, bacterial viral infections, cardiac and oncological markers and other biochemical indicators in clinical and veterinary diagnostics.

Individual (single) parameters or several parameters (multitests) can be evaluated simultaneously, combined from 2 to 16 indicators in a free sequence, in a test cassette. Determining parameters can be different antigens or antibodies (Ag / Ab).Tests give a change in color intensity (dose-effect curve); proportional or anti-proportional concentration of the analyte is a response to the "dose", can be obtained by immunological or biochemical method of research.

The test kit may include: a desiccant, a saliva receiver, a pipette, a swab, various reagents for the preparation of the study material, lancets or the like. More detailed information can be found in the relevant operating instructions supplied with the package.

The LQS system analyzer is designed as a self-calibrating device. It uses internal standards to adjust potentially different system components and light intensity. This self-calibration function allows all devices from all distributed batches to obtain equally standardized performance and stable results even in the event of fluctuations in light intensity and reception speed.

✔ Individual complete set with reagents to order is possible.


Advantages of the The LQS reader:

  • express test: the quantitative result is ready in 8 minutes.

  • quantitative result of evaluation using high sensitivity and calibration curves, which excludes the human factor in the visual evaluation of the result.

  • the ability to obtain indicators in printed form (thanks to a portable printing machine complete with LQS analyzer).

  • convenient case for moving with an additional battery for autonomous work, as well as for work outside the laboratory.